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Ojai has been reknowned as a healing destination for over 100 years, and a spiritual community with its beginnings in the 1920's, when J. Krishnamurti and Annie Besant first visited Ojai.

OjaiHealers.com is your one-stop resource for alternative and traditional healing in Ojai. Use Ojai Healers to find a healer who will provide you the knowledge, treatment and healing you need.

about the co-founders

Heather MacGumerait has been working in the alternative health field for almost ten years. She is a certified Massage Therapist practicing in the Ojai Valley. She is at the beginning of her journey into allopathic medicine; she is studying to be a nurse. She and her wife, Tanya MacGumerait, make their home in Meiners Oaks, CA. You can see more about Heather at ojaihealers.com

Tyler Suchman runs The Ojai Network, a collective of Ojai sites focusing on community and culture, including The Ojai Post, OjaiEvents.com, OjaiRestaurants.com, OjaiGarden.com and OjaiJobs.com. His consulting company, Tribal Core, provides internet strategy, online marketing and search engine optimization services.

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"open hands" image on OjaiHealing.com header courtesy of Alicia Jo McMahan, MAC Photo Studios, Burnsville, NC.