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Nutritionists, food specialists, practitioners specializing in detox and cleansing, fasting, nutrition for weight loss, personal chefs and so much more!
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Wyn Matthews

I started experimenting with Living Foods in the early 70’s. I’ve eaten living foods for more than half of that time, wandering off into a variety of other dietary eating patterns and then back again. The one consistency is that I feel better and have more energy when eating raw, living foods.

During the last few years I’ve coached many people in transitioning to, or maintaining their chosen Raw Vegan Lifestyle.

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Stacy Margolin Potter, M.A.

Stacy Margolin Potter has her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Certfied Eating Disorers Associate. Stacy specializes in nutrition planning, eating disorders, relationships, body image, stress management and sports performance. She worked for the Rader Institute for 10 years as a Counselor for Eating disorders and Exercise. She was ranked #18 in the world for Women Tennis Professionals and currently provides counseling and lecturing for student athletes at Weil Tennis Academy.

Stacy can help you if you answer yes to any of these questions....

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Khabir Southwick

Khabir SouthwickFatigued? Low energy? Joint pain? Acne? Migraines?
Having trouble losing weight? Food cravings?
High blood pressure? Anxiety? High blood sugar?
Poor digestion? Constipation? IBS?

All approaches to health-care agree that proper nutrition, sufficient exercise and healthy life-style habits can provide relief from these conditions.

You don't have to suffer any longer. Rejuvenate your Health!

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Jacalyn Booth


Chakra Earthsong


John Obraza