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Encompassing Swedish massage, Thai massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, rolfing, pregnancy massage, intuitive and any other massage specialty you can imagine! Ojai is teeming with talented massage therapists to keep your body in a relaxed state of bliss!

Alarra Saress Healing

Jen Pumo - Ojai bodyworker

A deeply skilled and compassionate bodyworker, Alarra Saress (formerly known as Jen Pumo) has spent more than a decade developing herself professionally as a healing artist. Following her foundational BA in Philosophy she has studied and received certification in Massage, Ayurvedic Sacred Stone, Prenatal Bodywork, Acutonics Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy, Holistic Health, Shamanic Studies, Spiritual Essence of Plants, Human Design System, energetic anatomy, and much more. Most recently, she has been sought after for her tremendously potent shamanic gong meditations. When coupled with her bodywork, the immersive sacred sound experience is profoundly relaxing. Alarra's passion is to aid each individual toward the fullest possible expression of their unique purpose by skillfully employing her specialized healing techniques within a safe, intuitive and compassionate space. She also enjoys teaching harmonic medicine and facilitating Planetary Gong Immersions.

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Deon de Wet

Radically relaxing and deeply revitalizing, this form of energy-balancing bodywork uniquely blends assisted Yoga stretches and Traditional Thai Massage techniques into a blissfully integrated experience. Guaranteed to harmonize body, mind and spirit and help anyone to feel better from the inside out.
Results typically include the deep release of energetic blockages in the body and mind, as well as improved spinal alignment, better physical balance, improved joint mobility and increased flexibility.

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Rev. Sandra Foster

Rev. Sandra Foster I believe that healing comes primarily from within. My approach is holistic, focusing on you as a unique being - body, mind and spirit. I serve as a facilitator in your process of healing. As an energy practitioner I can clear, balance, charge and restructure your energetic field promoting and enhancing your health and well being. These techniques remove energetic blocks that lead to dis-ease and enhance your body's natural healing potential.

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Ojai Healing Movement

Ojai Healing Movement (OHM) combines Restorative ExerciseTM with Myofascial Release. Combining these therapeutic modalities provides you the owner's manual to your body and teaches you how to self heal through movement.

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Lisa West

lisa west craniosacralHi! I am a physical therapist, craniosacral therapist, Reiki master and yoga instructor. My unique style blends massage and manual joint techniques with myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and energetic healing. As a physical therapist, I am qualified to safely and effectively work with people with injuries or pain. I also enjoy working with people to increase their sense of well-being and who seek deep relaxation and peace. Overall harmony and happiness in your body, mind and spirit is the ultimate goal. My hope is to provide a safe and healing space for people to relax, regenerate and to help facilitate your path to wellness.

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