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Energetic Healing

Ojai probably has one of the greatest concentrations of healers in Southern California if not in the country. Energy healing works with the subtle energy body, affecting the physical and emotional health. People may seek energy work to address specific physical concerns, manage stress or to deepen their personal growth. This category encompasses practitioners of Reiki, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Chakra balancing and individuals with their own distinct styles.
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Divine Openings

lola-80.jpgTo do Divine Openings justice, it might sound like we're exaggerating, but we're not. People come to Divine Openings from all over the world to experience the end of processing and working on themselves, and to enter an entirely new dimension of living, free of issues, suffering, and struggle. It's super-accelerated evolution.

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Rev. Sandra Foster

Rev. Sandra Foster I believe that healing comes primarily from within. My approach is holistic, focusing on you as a unique being - body, mind and spirit. I serve as a facilitator in your process of healing. As an energy practitioner I can clear, balance, charge and restructure your energetic field promoting and enhancing your health and well being. These techniques remove energetic blocks that lead to dis-ease and enhance your body's natural healing potential.

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Heather Green, Teal Healing

Heather Green is an intuitive guide and energy healer for humans and animals. She has practiced in the healing arts since 1995, with background in nursing, counseling, and energy healing. In sessions, Heather uses her intuition, which includes channeled information from her spirit guides, the angelic realm, and ascended masters to locate the source(s) of your issues, providing guidance for any life changes or decisions. She brings in healing energy through the container of Crystalline Consciousness (a 5th dimensional energy system), in the form of voice transmission, light, color, sound, sacred geometry, and shamanic techniques to help you heal, transform, and evolve.

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Jennifer Wilson, New World Guidance

jennifer-wilson-1.jpgI have been working as a Spiritual Guide, Healer and Meditation Coach for over 8 years supporting people to become aware of and clear limiting belief patterns and emotional wounds from their physical, subtle, and energetic bodies that have been holding them back from living their unique expression. When we clear our limiting beliefs/karma we get in touch with what it is we really want for ourselves and we begin express our fullest potential and joy with more ease and grace. We begin to fall into the flow of life.

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Lisa West

lisa west craniosacralHi! I am a physical therapist, craniosacral therapist, Reiki master and yoga instructor. My unique style blends massage and manual joint techniques with myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and energetic healing. As a physical therapist, I am qualified to safely and effectively work with people with injuries or pain. I also enjoy working with people to increase their sense of well-being and who seek deep relaxation and peace. Overall harmony and happiness in your body, mind and spirit is the ultimate goal. My hope is to provide a safe and healing space for people to relax, regenerate and to help facilitate your path to wellness.

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Bonnie Rose, L.M.F.T.

bonnierose-80.pngBlue Cross Provider, Insurance Accepted.
I strive to inspire richness and meaningfulness in life, greater than one has ever known before! Sometimes we feel emotional distress, and can't find the resources to help us. We need help opening windows, illuminating the darkness and bringing light to our lives. With humor and playfulness, an attitude of mutual respect and genuine caring, and warmth and compassion, I have guided many individuals, couples and families through challenging life transitions and personal awakenings. I can help you manage depression, reduce anxiety, address marital problems, find direction, realize your aspirations, get unstuck, heal past trauma, cope gently with grief and loss, find love...and more.

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Marilyn Salas

marilyn salas ojai“LOVE is the HEALER!” Marilyn has been a hands-on-healer since 1993. Guided by Spirit, her natural healing abilities have evolved over time. She learned about her healing gift from her Yoga teacher, Anand Krishna, in Indonesia (www.anandkrishna.org). With that information, she has worked with Spirit to understand and "remember" her own inner knowings about energy flow and connecting with Source to accomplish the "healing." Later, Marilyn trained in Reiki and Pranic Healing, but relies predominantly on her connection with Souce to facilitate Love's Healing Energy.

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Jack Stephens

jack-stephens-80.jpgJack Stephens is a Spiritual Intuitive and Life Coach, who has the ability to see and read energy, supporting you to Be Who You Are. His experience and knowledge in cross-cultural healing, economics, ecology and psychology are combined as an advanced positive transformation opportunity.

Jack offers local and remote private sessions as well as leading intensives and workshops. In his Spirit of Leadership and Awakening Relationships programs he shows you how to recreate your reality as abundant and compassionate. In his private group teaching, Jack trains organizations and groups to increase their leadership capacity and creates experiences that enhance the way they advance the opportunities of society and nature in the 21st century.

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Cynthia Waring

Unconscious patterns can live in a family for generations affecting every individual and all his or her decisions. Through understanding and ritual you can free yourself, heal the past, and protect future generations from continuing the suffering this complex has created. Each session includes Cranial Sacral work, a body-reading which tells me what your body is saying that you may not be able to express, and gentle release of the past. For more information and client's stories see www.ancestorwork.com and www.thecynthiawaringmethod.com.

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Ray Johnston




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Prana Miller


Larry Robitz


Maritza Luz Vega, LMT, RCST