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Marilyn Salas

marilyn salas ojai“LOVE is the HEALER!” Marilyn has been a hands-on-healer since 1993. Guided by Spirit, her natural healing abilities have evolved over time. She learned about her healing gift from her Yoga teacher, Anand Krishna, in Indonesia (www.anandkrishna.org). With that information, she has worked with Spirit to understand and "remember" her own inner knowings about energy flow and connecting with Source to accomplish the "healing." Later, Marilyn trained in Reiki and Pranic Healing, but relies predominantly on her connection with Souce to facilitate Love's Healing Energy.

Marilyn opens her heart to send “unconditional love”, utilizing crystals and stones, music, pure-tone chimes, the pendulum, and visualizations to promote relaxation and accelerated healing. Universal Energy flows through her to open and balance body/mind/spirit by releasing negative energies held from past traumas and/or grief. Clients say during sessions they “go into other dimensions” and “see radiant colors/visions.” They speak of having been “released from physical and emotional pain” after just one session. One client described her session as being taken care of in the “ER”…the “Cosmic Emergency Room!”

Marilyn worked as a volunteer Reiki Practitioner at the Breast Resource Center in Santa Barbara for 2-1/2 years, giving healing sessions to women receiving medical treatment. In 2002, she helped establish "Women's Wellness Days," affording women an opportunity to receive alternative therapies at a nominal charge. In September 2003, she co-founded the Ojai Healing Circle which facilitated free healing sessions and hosted guest-speaker events; and is an active board member on the Council of Grandmothers in Ojai.

Marilyn is the owner and administrator of Ojai Healing Events, an email service since 2004 (a companion website service was added in 2011), which is well known in the area for promoting spiritual and healing events in the Ojai Valley...and "beyond". To contact Marilyn about promoting a spiritual or healing event in the Ojai area, please write to: marilyn@ojaihealingevents.com Also, please visit the "Ojai Healing Events" website for current information on healing and spiritual events in the Ojai Valley: www.OjaiHealingEvents.com

In addition, Marilyn is also the creator of an aromatherapy misting blend of 26 essential oils named "Love's Blessing", which is sold at many locations in Southern California. To read more, or to purchase a bottle of Love's Blessing, please visit: www.LovesBlessing.com

When you need a speaker on the subject of "Energy Healing", or "Self-Healing Techniques", please call Marilyn to inquire about scheduling a presentation in which she shares her years of wisdom and knowledge as an "energy healer" (since 1993), and self-healing techniques.