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Heather Green, Teal Healing

Heather Green is an intuitive guide and energy healer for humans and animals. She has practiced in the healing arts since 1995, with background in nursing, counseling, and energy healing. In sessions, Heather uses her intuition, which includes channeled information from her spirit guides, the angelic realm, and ascended masters to locate the source(s) of your issues, providing guidance for any life changes or decisions. She brings in healing energy through the container of Crystalline Consciousness (a 5th dimensional energy system), in the form of voice transmission, light, color, sound, sacred geometry, and shamanic techniques to help you heal, transform, and evolve.

Energy Healing can help you or your animal(s): get to the root cause of issues or concerns, improve physical health, achieve emotional well-being, spiritually grow and evolve, release unwanted behavior patterns, develop healthy relationships, create career and financial success, and address many life areas all in one session. For more information, please visit Heather’s website at www.tealhealing.com.