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Jennifer Wilson, New World Guidance

jennifer-wilson-1.jpgI have been working as a Spiritual Guide, Healer and Meditation Coach for over 8 years supporting people to become aware of and clear limiting belief patterns and emotional wounds from their physical, subtle, and energetic bodies that have been holding them back from living their unique expression. When we clear our limiting beliefs/karma we get in touch with what it is we really want for ourselves and we begin express our fullest potential and joy with more ease and grace. We begin to fall into the flow of life.

I also support people to access and integrate their own inner wisdom and connection to Source through the sacred center of the heart. Accessing the sacred center of the heart, the “Crystalline Heart”, connects us to a sense of peace and Oneness with All That Is that begins to permeate our whole being. I offer private sessions in person and over the phone, group healing and guided meditations. I also offer energy clearing and crystalline grid activations for homes and businesses. Please contact me if you have any questions about my work or for pricing. May the light within you shine brighter every day.