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Deon de Wet

Radically relaxing and deeply revitalizing, this form of energy-balancing bodywork uniquely blends assisted Yoga stretches and Traditional Thai Massage techniques into a blissfully integrated experience. Guaranteed to harmonize body, mind and spirit and help anyone to feel better from the inside out.
Results typically include the deep release of energetic blockages in the body and mind, as well as improved spinal alignment, better physical balance, improved joint mobility and increased flexibility.

Clients that receive regular treatments also report enhanced mental clarity, deeper sleep, greater endurance and more enjoyment for sports, work and play.
Treatments are performed with the client comfortably dressed on a special mat on the floor. Typically, the practitioner will use most of his body, including feet, knees, forearms and hands to weave together a sophisticated sequence of deeply healing stretches, rhythmic acupressure and gentle rocking moves.
The client’s body is physically assisted and supported by the practitioner at all times. Sessions are individually tailored to accommodate specific needs and to benefit all, regardless of age, gender, health, levels of strength, flexibility or physical fitness. The work is suitable for body types of all ages, be they male, female, pregnant, healthy and fit, or tired and drained, since the practice is always tailored to suit the personal needs of the individual client.
Sessions are performed at my studio, or at your own location.