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Khabir Southwick

Khabir SouthwickFatigued? Low energy? Joint pain? Acne? Migraines?
Having trouble losing weight? Food cravings?
High blood pressure? Anxiety? High blood sugar?
Poor digestion? Constipation? IBS?

All approaches to health-care agree that proper nutrition, sufficient exercise and healthy life-style habits can provide relief from these conditions.

You don't have to suffer any longer. Rejuvenate your Health!

* Learn how to "Eat right for your body-type!"
* Understand weight control without “dieting”
* Learn exercise and yoga routines for your body-type
* Learn how to detoxify your colon, liver, blood and kidneys
* Discover how to lower blood sugar or blood pressure, naturally

With the support of my associate practitioners, I can help you to naturally:

* Detoxify your body
* Reduce/eliminate sugar cravings
* Boost your immune system
* Reduce high blood pressure
* Control blood sugar levels
* Lower cholesterol
* Lose weight
* Reduce joint pain
* Sleep better
* Increase energy levels
* Look and feel younger!

Khabir is a natural health expert, nutrient and fitness counselor, and Ayurveda lifestyle consultant. He brings his clients a wealth of information from having studied a wide range of health and healing modalities in Asia for almost two decades. As a health coach, he provides the frame-work tools and motivation for his clients to make lasting changes. To further support his clients, Khabir works with a team of licensed health-care practitioners and associate physicians.

Complimentary consultations available with Khabir, Your Personal Health Coach