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Jay Fields Yoga OjaiRegardless of the particular flavor a class with Jay Fields takes on, the focus is always on integrity–both physical integrity through alignment as well as integrity as in wholeness of self. Her style is slow-paced, personal, safe and participatory. Jay's classes are particularly great for folks tending to injuries or for people who are interested in getting out of their head and into their body more than they are in getting a sweaty workout.

  • Jay Fields
  • Grace and Grit Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga on Mondays from 8:15-9:45am at Sacred Space Studio, 6-week session begins June 18th
  • All-levels yoga on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:15-9:45am at Sacred Space Studio
  • All levels yoga on Sundays from 10:30-12 at Yoga Soup in Santa Barbara
  • jay@graceandgrityoga.com
  • 503.679.7979
  • www.graceandgrityoga.com

Since hatha is the blanket term for all physical asana, this encompasses all the different directions a class might take. For example, some days we do a slow flow (a.k.a. yin-yasa), sometimes we do yin or restorative poses (or nap yoga), and some days we get super geeky about a certain anatomical focus and break it down in a bunch of static poses (yoga lab). What we do completely depends on who shows up and how we’re feeling.

Jay is serious about the practice of yoga, but she doesn’t take herself or yoga too seriously. When you come to class you can expect a laid-back and friendly atmosphere in which you are given permission to get what you need from your practice. The rest is up to you, and what gets revealed through your intentional presence.

Private instruction is also available for those looking to rehabilitate after injury or surgery, to have a sequence of poses specifically crafted for your needs, or to help get acquainted with your body and with yoga before trying your first class. Individual sessions also allow for working through the body with a spiritual or emotional issue that is present for you in your life, using a mixture of movement, talking, and sometimes even a bit of bodywork and personal ceremony.

Double check class schedules here: Grace and Grit Yoga Classes