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Nathan Kaehler, MA, LAc

Nathan Kaehler, MA, LAcI am a Licensed Acupuncturist (CA#8423) with a Master’s Degree in Psychology, practicing classical Chinese medicine--custom herbal prescriptions and gentle acupuncture. I have the largest herb dispensary in Ventura County, stocking more than 1,000 herbs and products, and I integrate herbs from other traditions (Ayurvedic, Tibetan, Native American, European). My specialties are in problems of mid and later years, psychoemotional challenges, skin conditions and problems of children, though I treat a wide range of conditions such as pain, menstrual and menopausal problems and colds and flu. I treat many complex conditions, often those which have not responded to other forms of treatment.

  • Nathan Kaehler, MA, LAc
  • Ojai Herb and Acupuncture Clinic
  • nathankaehler@sbcglobal.net
  • 805.640.8700
  • 115 Pirie Road, Suite A1, Ojai CA 93023 [map]
  • www.ojaiherbs.com

Traditionally Chinese medicine is 80% herbal—primarily teas, but also salves, liniments, warm herbal compresses, etc. The other 20% is divided between acupuncture and other treatments such as cupping (open-end spheres are placed on the acupoints to create a mild vacuum and relieve pain) or moxibustion (acupoints are warmed with the herb artemesia argyii, a variety of mugwort). It is a historical accident that acupuncture has come to predominate in this field in the U.S. I practice all of these treatments, though some of my patients do receive only acupuncture. The combination of treatments based on detailed tongue and pulse diagnosis brings an effectiveness to this medicine and an ability to address complex conditions which is unavailable with acupuncture alone. What attracted me to this field is its ability to diagnose and treat physical, emotional and even spiritual problems simultaneously and I also provide a sensitivity and support for all these aspects during treatment to the degree my patients desire.

Patients enjoy the smell of my clinic—it is suffused with herbs, and it is a warm, comfortable and beautiful environment for treatment. To learn more about my approach to herbs and about
individual herbs visit my website at ojaiherbs.com or read my column “Herbs and Supplements” every other Wednesday in the Ojai Valley News.

I also provide on-site treatment with herbs and acupuncture to patients in residential facilities including Toltec Living Center in Santa Barbara (a residential nursing facility) and New Seasons Recovery (a residential treatment center for addictions, eating disorders and psychological conditions in Port Hueneme), and other facilities on request.