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Stress Management

When I think of mental health, I used to think of therapists and maybe some pharmaceuticals. Living in Ojai has opened my mind a bit, and now I see that mental health is a many-pronged thing. Stress management, for example, can take many forms. Certainly we can learn plenty from professionals like therapists and life coaches. And certainly we've all read that exercise contributes to stress management.

What I've come to see are the other choices that can help keep my body, mind and spirit in balance. Hiking in the mountains around this little valley. Acupuncture. Cranio-Sacral therapy. Massage. Colon hydrotherapy, believe it or not. Connection with a spiritual community. Healthy food and limited exposure to foods I am allergic or sensitive to. Yoga. And then there are all the avenues I haven't yet tried - hypnosis, aromatherapy, art therapy....The list goes on and on. You'll find all of these and more throughout this site. Why not try something new this month?