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Get to Know Heather Green

Ojai Healers asked Heather Green, of Teal Healing, our newest Energy Healer, to tell us a little more about herself, how she came to do the lightwork she does and how she found our little valley. Here's what she shared with us.

In my early twenties, I started on a healing path. After fifteen years of studying spirituality and working with other healing methods such as psychotherapy, shamanism, homeopathy, herbs, and acupuncture, the horses called me.


I had recurring dreams where I went to them in the places they lived. I felt their love and the love I had for them. They cried out to me, and their heartfelt whinnies ignited a change in me. This change would involve a greater healing for myself, and a new form of healing to offer others. I also knew the horses wanted me to spread the messages they had for humans--messages that when acted on, would improve their health, well-being, and relationships with humans.

Ever since the dreams, in the time I spent working with horses, I recognized them as energy healers. They showed me how they could help humans clear and release old vibrations held in the energy body--even issues that originated beyond this lifetime. I quickly learned how to help humans heal in the way they did, as well as how to help heal other animals. My psychic gifts opened up and I received intuitive information from the horses. The information was about their health, thoughts, emotions, needs, and desires. I began spreading this information to humans, so they could connect with and understand their horses better. I discovered that I could use my innate senses to offer help and guidance to other animals and humans in all life areas.

After years of practice, I combined my psychic gifts and experience in the world of energy healing, along with the background and training I had received from other healers and shamans. I began bringing my own style of energy healing out into the world.

I moved to Ojai because I was called to live in a more rural, nature setting. I answered an ad on craigslist. It offered a cozy cottage on a flower farm with horse boarding. Feeling the positive resonance, I made the move. I have since experienced Ojai as a place of transformation. The spiritual vortexes and powerful healing energy is easily felt and appreciated. Ojai's surrounding mountains bring such beauty, and its spiritual community is deeply cherished. With many like-minded humans and their animals, I find it a great place to reside and offer my healing. Best of all, it is a city of many horses, so there is never any end to the fun and learning!